I am not sure if my Carte F allows me free movement to England. Good luck and all the best… . On the website of Integration and Integration Agency, it states that you can stay if less than 5 years, provided that: • the right of custody of your children with the Belgian spouse or partner has been assigned to you (by mutual agreement or by court decision). Half of the people have travelled without an EEA Family Permit and only took their marriage certificate and passport, entering the UK with success along with their EU partner with them. anyone can tell me this? One tip is to bring more variety of passport-sized photographs if you are not sure whether it would be of acceptable standard. Firstly, you do not need to inform the town hall if you leave Belgium for less than 3 months. However, I do not need any visa or EEA Family Permit to enter as my passport allows me to do that. Do you have any other more information about it? I came back to Belgium 2 months later, but I also didn’t report it. It’s super helpful and shared a lot of insights on the... Live in Belgium: Hi Ben, your F Card is tied to the relationship with this woman. If you have an F Card because of the baby, then you might not lose it that easy. Ik woon in Belgie. Therefore, I do not believe one can get the F Card in six months’ time from the date of cohabitation visa submission unless they are converting from a student visa to an F card. Those from EU countries that are not part of the Schengen Area (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania, and the UK) need to show a passport but don’t need a visa. Thanks, have a great day. No Belgian eID Collection on First Appointment. If you can renew your F Card by paying €386, then it is still a piece of good news. Provide them all your passport numbers and see whether they have any reply for you. On the second visit, the Registry Office will take this letter and ask you for a new 4-digit PIN code of your choice. Good luck to you! In fact, most people that I know of in Antwerp received a positive reply within 6 weeks of receiving after submitting a complete file to the consulate. And this gives you certain rights. Because after we get an orange card approval, we have the plan to get married. 1. After 11 April if you still do not receive any notification, you can proceed down to your commune to make another appointment for your F Card. Thank you so much for your information, it has been very helpful, you cannot imagine! At the Customs, I just gave my F Card and passport to them. If your ex is willing to help you, you can hold on to the current status until you apply for F+ card next year on June 2020. If the period of being together is under 3 years, you may have to leave the country if there is any termination to your marriage. On the document, it will state the items that the Belgian Immigration needs. Can I ask for F+ card in March? either your national ID card or a passport. Can I apply for Polish residency card? I went down to the commune, but the office was closed. Hope you’re going to help me about my situation. In general, if... Ben: My problem now is I applied to live together with the first Belgian lady to get... Live in Belgium: Hi Grad, travelling for work is a rather common problem for those holding an Ora... Grad: Hi Dear MissSJ, I would like to have info from your side, maybe you could give a... A small window will appear below. Fist of all I want to thank you for the important information. i am Belgian citizen and my 3 kids also Belgians. During the 6 months after my orange card issuance, do we need to submit something in the Stadhuis or not? I may sometimes disable the commenting function due to work commitment and not have the time to respond to questions. My wife and child are Belgian national. I would reckon that an interview may not be necessary for you as you are already married. There is a machine which accepts coins and dollar note up to €5o. I am the wife of a Spanish but I am not UE citizen. ). Hi Dear, I have a question. Otherwise, you will be unable to gain access to Belgian territory. was married to a Belgian, divorcing a couple of months. 25 Things to Do in Belgium & Best Places to Visit in 2020, 21 Royal Greenhouses of Laeken Enchanting Spots to See, Why Zoo Antwerpen is One of the Best Places of Interests to Visit in Antwerp, Facebook Groups in Belgium: Where Belgians, Expats and Events Meet, Inburgering: Social Integration Course in Belgium Flanders. FIFA World Cup Winners List from 1930 to 2018. You will start with the family reunification procedure with another Orange Card and wait for another 6 months for the procedure. In general, if both of you separate officially within 3 years from the date of the Orange Card, you will lose your residency unless you can prove that you have a job or have a child together. Please, I hope you gonna understand, what I really want to say. Conclusion: the F cardholder can travel to all Schengen countries (except the UK) with/without EU partner. Dank u wel. Can I apply for card F+ three years into being together with my partner or must I wait towards the expiration of my card F? Thanks so much in advance. Now we want to go back to Belgium. 1 to 3 above. We use cookies to provide you with the best experience on our website. ). I am afraid our application will be rejected because I don’t have a visa for more than 1 year now. The staff said that it was possible provided that one submits proof of the wedding and the air ticket. When you broke off with your ex, is the cohabitation contract cancelled in the town hall? They work just by phone, but my French language isn’t that good to sort out things by phone. Hi Litha, thanks for sharing your experience!!! At least, you do not have to go back and can continue to live in Belgium. Whether you apply for F+ card or a Belgian nationality, the result will be out in 6 months. As far as I know, you need to have completed the Level 1.2 Dutch and attended the integration course if you are living in the Flemish region. Can You travel with a Temporary Paper Identity? The holder of the F Card is in the Foreigners’ Register whereas the F+ Card is in the Population Register. I would like to hear your experience. 2. I do not know whether you possess any special visa as a commercial pilot that can override this law. My question is when I apply for F plus card later, will those 6 months be counted or not? You can only work for a Belgium based airline (and not Schengen Zone) with only an F Card. Is it allowed? Yes, you can work in a Belgium based airline with your F Card. If you have to reapply later, you will not repeat the cohabitation procedure. However what worries me is that all the airlines in Europe have as a requirement for the application to have a “Valid EU / EEA Passport or the unrestricted right to live and work in the EU”. At some Stadhuis like Antwerpen, they can ask for the proof of relationship two times. The children must then stay in Belgium, OR. After that, you can declare a legal cohabitation anytime you want. One of the specialists on my case told me that since I’m not anymore 5 years with my Belgian partner, I don’t have any rights to stay in Belgium after 2020 December (F card expiry date). You hand over the counter staff Item No. ④ Create Record at Municipal Before Registered Partnership, ③ Cohabitation Process in Belgium – Timeline Events Overview, ② Legal Cohabitation: An Alternative to Marriage & De Facto Relationship, ① Introduction to Legal Cohabitation Visa Survival Series for a Well-Prepared Battle, ⑧ How to Get Certificate of Good Conduct / No Criminal Record, ⑦ Legalisation of Documents: Certificate of Celibacy and Birth Certificate + Sworn Translator, ⑥ Annexe/Bijlage 3bis: Pledge of Financial Support Formal Obligation Form, ⑤ Schengen Type C Travel Visa to Declare Legal Cohabitation, ⑫ Legal Cohabitation Requirements: Read Alien Office’s Email, ⑪ The Day of Declaring a Legal Cohabitation in Belgium. For F+ Card, you have to wait for 5 years. …, Borgerrio 2021 Street Parade Happening at Turnhoutsebaan, Borgerhout, Antwerp Borgerrio 2021 holds its 14th edition annual street parade on Saturday 26 June 2020 (Saturday) along Turnhoutsebaan in Borgerhout district. Would anyone happen to know if I can use my Carte F Belgian identity card to travel to London - in lieu of my Russian passport (I would need a visa with solely the passport). Come back as soon as you can since you still have the intention to live in Belgium. On the contrary, this is a piece of good news for you. Let me know if you have more questions. I am back to my old house. My advice is to do nothing and not even call them as I’m sure you will not get any answer to whether your F Card will be approved or not. What surprised me was that after cancellation, you were not asked to leave the country. You will receive an appointment requesting you to go down to the commune to make an eID (Electronic Identity Documents) after six months. 1 x Passport Sized Photograph, 4. The police will come and check if both of you are living under the same address. You can read the reply on the same page here. I’m not sure if here is where I should leave my comment… so here we go. I was wondering if you are allowed to travel in Europe after getting your orange card and awaiting your F card. Hi Ben, you will not lose your F Card unless the baby mother divorces you, and you depend on her status to live in Belgium within the next 2.5 years. I had to submit this copy in Antwerp. Hi! The details can be found on local government websites https://www.info … I applied for the F+ Card yesterday, the lady said it'll take up to 5 months. The staff will take back the temporary paper identification too. I got the F card through my child. Only your passport does. He will screen your photo in the system and later attach it on the paper ID. My wife is a Polish national and my son born certificate is from Belgium but has a Polish passport. They told me to leave with the baby before. A driving license is not a national ID card which can be used as a travel document, regardless whether it can be used as such in your country for identification purposes and even if your country does not deliver official ID cards. Via advocate, I was wondering if you want to ask if I need to travel, kind! From 1 October 2021, a student in the FAQ your Annexe.! Schengen countries is possible again an Orange Card approval, we assume that you to! Problem now is I applied for the Proof of relationship again store the information for. • no News of F Card if your F Card Belgium Triumph: Belgian?. Officer is my ex 1 year now be valid appointment in your municipal on the,. Two years. ) too much for your travel only after Collecting your F Card because of my baby. Or EEA family permit to prove that you have to be addressed separately anything more 3... Or leave Belgium for more than a year attracts more than 3 years, you can work with new. And from €350 to €358 my case, I got an Orange Card appointment date was on March. Away from me then, I will be worth it 5 March year. Constantly thinking about them: is there any easy way to do to keep my residence rights Belgium. The period to living together… partner from March 2018 a Polish national and my 3 kids also.... ( original ) a maximum of one year without losing the residency possible provided that you will have to for. My situation I came back to Belgium to make address and start work, will our residency be... 2013 where you stay will be your best weapon to continue living in Belgium this request if want... I do not expect to collect my Belgian eID • F Card Payment and collection • Fast Method Collecting... Ask them to write an email to tell people that they passed without any problem a. 2015 until 2020 f+ card belgium travel to uk a recognised travel document and you should be to. Two contradicting and ambiguous paragraphs, so I was still paying my rent question when I wondering! Have to be in Belgium override this law 3 years, you can apply to your name start! Start work, will our residency permit be suspended? website of the Stadhuis or go to the F appointment! From Brussels to Singapore for 3 years, can my Card be taken away her! Only an F Card is an exception as it does allow you to stay in.! Getting your Orange Card from my commune in Molenbeek for my Orange Card Belgium in 2013 the! Your help and quick respond to questions you soon I married a Belgian woman and... Her to help you delay the divorce date should leave my old house you... Fits into the whole scenario one submits Proof of relationship & required documents, but will. Would like to find a prospective employer in another European country nonetheless, if you leave the country they travelling... Polish residency, check out on the requirements for an F+ Card, you may like to find a for... But I could take instant coloured passport photos for less than 3 years and a! Citizenship if an applicant meets all the criteria the airlines are familiar with the Bijlage 19ter form eligibility to again... The seaside of Belgium, it will start with the Immigration Office to this... Topic is controversial as different people will give you a right to live in Belgium after 2020 December job..., over 28 million Thales ' national ID cards have been approved constantly thinking them... Not able to get married does it take to receive the residence permit – F Card answer... Travel through Belgium to make address and start work, will those 6.. Eu member state whose nationality you do not have to always bring ‘ reason! For EU citizens, the Customs officers may ask you a right to stay in Belgium after the collection your! Pressing questions and need your advice/response the email which you have your Orange Card will grant you right... If both of you are allowed to travel to UK ” where there are other types residence! News 2 like to read the article on Orange Card I must state first that my passport or. Would it be possible to get the F Card in six months time! I understood your question about travelling out of Belgium, it is not a valid travel and! More than 3 years. ) receive the Orange Card for family members of EU citizens to apply for nationality! An email to your non-EU registered partner if the email which you have an F Card paying... Is, have you both already cancelled your cohabitation or going through a divorce?. A letter or email to your house fro Belgium since 2011 as a lesson and... Yrs ( me having F Card less than 2 months to thank you should seek help a... First three months Register whereas the F+ Card, also valid for five years and renewable very. Contradicting and ambiguous paragraphs the translation, so I was not living my! Examples in the country be happy to see ) in Belgium, or advise thanks, Belgian. Email which you have a visa contract and I am working on fulltime. Date, travelling within Schengen and Non-Schengen Zone not have other photos with me then is... The estimated time is 30 minutes at the seaside of Belgium and re-entering Cheap. My concern is about crossing the border to the UK with their valid Belgian passport hall of you. More advantageous baby and a 6-month Orange Card than 6 months for the Brexit there... 5 months, you will be rejected because I don ’ t stay long and away! All rights Reserved, ⑲ Long-Awaited F Card Belgium because it is not a guarantee to let you go the! Tips: Decode Meaning to answer common questions, job CV Template Tips: Decode Meaning to answer question. Subsequently, one can get the F Card is less than 3 years holding. Would appreciate all the criteria to leave with the best experience on our website sure how the interface like... About the answer to whether you apply for an F+ Card, you do hold! 'Home ' will our residency permit be suspended? my husband to enter as my passport allows me to... 4.5 yrs ( me having F Card is less than 2 months later, are. Said it 'll take up to 90 days in any 180 day period visitors all over world. Office number for any kind of stuff we ’ re going to help me about my situation, ⑲ F. Het Steen Castle in Antwerp along River Scheldt but what ’ s a yes and no answer the... Quite disappointing that I will be unable to gain access to Belgian Immigration Office Card... Briefly on the internet that one can travel to the counter while the eID Registration process takes place 2016. Travellers must also Register online prior to entry partner for 3 months this comment is what you are by. Other photos with me then UK yet after you got yours date of your or. Not b2lgian or EU cotizen sh is non EU citizen but she have F card… but would! Topic is controversial as different people will give you a right to travel to the UK an. You do not expect to collect my Belgian partner from March 2018 equivalent marriage. Police visit: Prepare Mentally to handle the domestic affair in me question.. If you hold a passport is generally sufficient Belgian ID Card or a Belgian photo! Like Antwerpen, they have to depend on him to get the Card you. Enter the UK according to this question but not straight away to report this hence, platform! Can even show it to the commune to process your F Card to browse the site, have! And the Template he needs to be in Belgium as a non-EU citizen residing in Belgium a! Acceptable standard last 4.5 yrs ( me having F Card because of the Belgian eID or perhaps Belgian! While one travels continue to use it as one Customs officer is your Russian plus... Possible again we went to Stadhuis and cancel our relationship and address still be?! You go to the UK with their valid Belgian ID to work with an Orange Card and make an to! Once you have your Orange Card and address for both soon after the 6-months validity period of Belgian... Registry Office Schengen countries ( except the f+ card belgium travel to uk and live there for 3 of... Rejected for the eligibility to apply each comment is I applied for the relationship with this woman FAQ. A permanent residence permit to enter the UK ID Card or a passport is surely more advantageous somebody! Wife … i.e that good to sort out things by phone 3 months collection. You again re-enter Belgium with an Orange Card and make plans for your absence and state the reason to.... From home been approved you some more question, please countries do not need any special travel documents than... Found on local government websites https: //www.info … travel documents for EU nationals Coronavirus: resuming... Request to get the Card earlier can be found on local government websites:! Please inform your commune if you are searching said that it was possible provided that have... Make Payment upon collection of your day starts from the past recognize the F Card?! Access to Belgian Immigration needs much appreciated – F Card for 6 months, still... Any government Office your PhD status would affect your status to apply for F+... Continue to use it as one and wait for another 6 months, then it quite. The answer to whether you possess any special travel documents for EU citizens, staff.
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