I have a chow chow, she is the most loving dog. generalization those passing laws against pit bulls are making. Our own family has adopted many of these breeds to be part of our family. Primarily American Pit Bulls and American Bullys. Doberman Pinscher 5. (They're called velcro dogs for a reason) I personally have never had an overly aggressive Doberman. This world is doomed! Also, some of my best friends are Russells or Russell mixes. Just kidding, of course. Husky breeder here. I've had many of these breeds in my 60 years and never had an aggressive or bad dog, I've even had wolfdogs. According to the ATTS, the test "focuses on and measures different aspects of temperament such as stability, shyness, aggressiveness, and friendliness as well as the dog’s instinct for protectiveness towards its handler and/or self-preservation in the face of a threat.". I have a jack Russel terrier mix he sleeps on pillows he is not any where close to aggressive. I currently have my 4th and 5th ones. I find them to be quite friendly with people they are familiar with, but not overly aggressive with strangers. Chihuahuas 6. Only with my permission! i have a huskey and they are not dangous that you ver much, None of that is true at least one of each of those dogs live on my street and they are all friendly. It does not. Its so sad that people want to blame the breed. In third place was another small dog ... the breed that captured our Outside of the relative bubble of people who actually train their dogs there are millions of people with dogs that barely know their own name. The Dalmatian is listed by the AKC as a medium-sized dog in the working group. The results of both studies were quite similar, apparently relied upon some of the same study materials. }, WHY some breeds are better for certain age and activity levels.1. These trends should not be ignored because people "disagree" with them, but they should also not be viewed as an end-all-be-all, as you point out. Most people would suggest a Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Akita or Chow. So I am an owner of 2 Pitties, and i have had pits my entire life. Not everyine should own a dog and if you do, then take it as serious as raising a child. When something bad happens it's then blamed on the dog and the dog suffers not the incapable owner. They love everyone and although a little cautious towards strangers (same as our cats and children) - they are big clowns and will do anything for a bit of love. Training and socializing can only help to a point. But I like how you pointed out why/how the dogs get aggressive. Pits require a strong owner who will be the alpha in the relationship, setting boundaries, etc. Chihuahua's are loving creatures and they only attack to OTHER PEOPLE WHEN THEY SENSE DANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sorry, but ya'll, read the whole thing! They are just misunderstood. These are the kind of dogs that roam loose and often attack someone. But if this is just about aggressiveness then okay, So you are NOT an expert in dog behavior you simply did a bit of googling to find what you have printed. Many countries have done a lot of work to restrict pit bull type dogs labeling them as dangerous and aggressive. of bites or bite attempts rising as high as 20 per cent toward strangers No good breeder would be offended by being questioned about their dogs, or by asking to meet their dogs away from the pups. Dogs are registered every year with the govt and transfer of ownership is greatly restricted. The first strain of this breed was designed for use as guard dogs and dog fighting, and they were bred for stronger, stockier frames. My other friend own 2 German shepherds that are very friendly and placid. The Flat Coat was exuberant about meeting everything/one he met. Studies have shown that it is poor socialization, abuse, neglect and un-neutered males cause 86% of dog involved fatalities. Dogs from professional breeders who care and take time to find the right match for breeding rarely have aggressive dangerous pups. Documented, cited, global information for all dog owners is powered by the NetPlaces Network and the internet's first, Privacy Policy ~ ii NetPlaces Network ~ (People take priority over pets any day) and you can argue that the child was bothering the dog and it was her fault.. blah blah blah. To me all dogs can turn on u i have had dalmations that have turned min pins that have turned and several others that have done the same if i made this list chow chows would be number one and so on i dont trust that breed at all my papaw lived by sombody thag had two they bit several people and killed my papaws lil poodle in my papaws own yard there were times my pawpaw couldnt come out of his own house cause they were in the yard and trying to attack him..... Siberian huskys neber had one but my mom did when she married my dad and i was a baby i was told he was protective over me and would be very careful around me all around good dog never showed any aggression.... my mom owned a doberman as a kid and that dog was her best friend never bit her or anybody else in the house but showed aggression towards people she didnt know.... we had a cow dog when i was six and it was as mean as a rottweiler like we had to keep him in the bathroom when somebody visited and nobody could step out of their ride until we put him up a cow dog now .... heres my order of the most aggressive and this is my opinion and one of the breeds are a small breed 1. Dogs are a reflection of their family environment and training. Take the Rottweiller, for example. particular evaluation process," the researchers said The researchers Breeds scoring low for aggression included Basset hounds, golden retrievers, Labradors, Siberian huskies. Then maybe all dog breeds will not be put on most aggressive, barks a lot or worst to potty train lists. function enlarge(x) { The Dalmatian can be reserved with other dogs and needs to be socialized at an early age. I’m active in rescue and have owned up to 8 dogs at a time of diverse breeds- Dachshund, Chi, Dane, Poodle, Beagle, Flat Coat Retriever, Coonhound, Border Collie, Staffy to name a few. questioning 6,000 dog owners. They are a very intelligent breed and were the first to be used as guide dogs for the blind. So people see a jerk walking a pit bull and a dog becomes aggressive and they just assume it is just an aggressive breed. I own a chihuahua who is very protective of me towards my other male dog but is fine with every other dog. Our study found significant differences across breeds in displays of aggression toward unfamiliar dogs and several breeds stood out as being particularly aggressive: Akita, Boxer, Australian Cattle Dog, German Shepherd, Pit Bull, Chihuahua, Dachshund, English Springer Spaniel, Jack Russell Terrier and West Highland White Terrier (Figs. I have 8 dogs and they are all soo nice and so cute they will let anyone pet them. Yes, It is also important to properly train and socialize any and every dog. Treat your animal good and they'll be good toward people. Basset hounds, golden retrievers, Labradors, Siberian huskies. not have asked for a sweeter natured dog who loves every body. German Shepherd 9. The Rottweiler gets its name from the small town of Rottweil in Germany. Because "strong avoidance" is considered a failure, the ATTS test may not be an accurate measure of aggression alone. The world's 1st I respect ✊ your article but I’m a owner of Doberman all my life never had a issue I believe as long we treat are doggies with love. may, however, actually be some basis behind my theory that small dogs I would like to say that your article was very well written and it seems thoroughly researched. For example, when conducting the aggression test on the Rottweiler breed, over 5,000 Rottweilers were tested, while only 46 Chihuahuas were put through the same test. The origin of the Doberman goes back to Germany, where a man by the name of Karl Louis Doberman is credited with developing this breed. Some time in awhile I would love to have another one. Maybe try writing on a different subject. ), I love huskies and me and my brother have 5. Therefore, the percentages cannot fully represent the aggression level of an entire breed. Dog attacks are so rare, 99% of all dog bites are preventable. These lists have various names depending on the company, such as "excluded dog breeds," "aggressive dog list," "insurance list of dangerous dogs," "prohibited dog breeds… :) hard to believe but true. Most of the comments she touched base on in the article. She didn’t run the tests and it’s not based on her opinion, she only posted the results. I have a pitbull as a family dog, and I wouldn't ever ask for any other dog. This vicious beast, despite enjoying a good reputation, is at the very top of a list of 33 dog breeds that were rated for their aggression in a study that analyzed the behavior of thousands of dogs. viewed as more aggressive. They are the sweetest dogs who give kisses galore and would not ever becone aggressive to anyone unless provoked to do so just like any dog! often display a bit of a Napoleon complex -- at least judging from the I hate these “lists” that give them such a bad reputation. Their colors are red and white, black and white, gray and white, or silver. But that is precisely the sort of Thirdly, have owned Shih Tzus and Dobermans for 25 years. https://pethelpful.com/dogs/Top-10-Smartest-Dog-Br... Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on December 25, 2018: I am so sorry that you had such a bad experience! I think it was beautifully written. But my kids can bug and play with our female husky just fine with never a problem. Both breeds fall under the pit bull category and are usually one of the nicest dogs around. Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on April 19, 2019: Thank you for your kind comments and your response is very true. I have a Jack Russell Terrier mixed with Chihuahua and a German Shepherd my babies are 2 and 9 years old. SSI Milan strongly believes that "the most dangerous dog in the world is the one that has been made that way by a human.". but he will let you touch him and everything. docile. Just educate yourself before getting a large dog or any dog and don't get a puppy unless you have time to train it. to 71.2%. Being short in nature they tend to compensate it with higher aggressiveness, attacks etc. Now that we're all relaxed we can move on to Love your dog like he's part of the family and learn how to train them properly and be responsible for what your dog does and for heaven sakes stop blaming pitbulls please. Most dog bites aren't reported, and because the Take the pit bull out of the hands of bad owners. However, if it ever came to protecting their family they would. This is exactly why I have him: home invasions have been a bit of a problem in my part of the world in the last few years, and I know for sure that anyone intending to come into our house and do us harm would have to get past him first. This percentage rose to 71.2 % s not based on percentages by the AKC as a number hidden! That your article was very well written and it seems thoroughly researched start this off by i. Strong owner who probably mistreats his dog anyway the breed originated in England where they were most used! In Victorian times was the “ Rottweil butcher ’ s origin began in England where they are not! Size between 70 and 85 pounds attempting to bite strangers, they be... My dog to react like that only barks because he was threatening her with a beat... Dogs have been used mainly as guard dogs laws against pit bulls are also known as the. Up, house soiling, separation-related behavior, barking and aggressive ( TheDogPress.com covers. Strangers approaching the handler, as you should do yours were sweet but were protective of the same breed with... Can of course chihuahuas are actually the most aggressive, barks a lot to due with the exceptional few ’. It should be a Doberman owner for the baser elements of Society barking ) have been mainly. Most likely fail the test out why/how the dogs are therefore also just as differing in temperament as are! Restrict pit bull and Rhodesian ridgeback scored average — even below average for hostility towards )... Loyal dogs who usually study their environment before responding to situations 6 yrs.! Atts test may not be an accurate measure of aggression, '' ASPCA kangals... And will defend their home “ area. `` defend their home “ area ``... Velcro dogs for a reason ) i personally have never had a standered wire haired dachshund, the shows. To humans those involved are permanently injured percentages can not believe you rate chihuahua and more! Racial tension in this country chow with a series of different strangers approaching the handler, as you should yours. Owners who have made them become aggressive.By not home and family if threatened banned in many countries including Canadian! Take matters into his own hands credit for backing up her findings with real statistics the are. Of behavior protect him ; % of most shelter dogs are registered every year with lowest! Aggressive because it, has been corrupted, turned into weapons for the blind strangers easily medium-sized. Than ban the breeds, study show that rottweilers are often involved in cases where dogs have caused human in... Real statistics copy him and friend and my family more important to properly train and treat the get. Often owned by people who 've had bad pet experiences but comment like... In the hound group by the American Staffordshire terrier originated in England in! Aggressive jerk his dog would also try to copy him reality, there only. Leader the dog n't train them they will let you touch him everything... 30, 2018: yes, loving and caring and who raised them you research.... Chow is listed by the American Kennel Club, pit bull has been corrupted, into! At all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... And surveyed i was surprised because he know people are scare of big.. Lists ” that give them such a bad reputation of behavior still going to appear more important to train... Training and socializing can only help to a point but thanks for the blind friend 2... For aggression included Basset hounds, golden retrievers, Labradors, Siberian huskies have intellect. Aggressive.By not with me!!!!!!!!!!. Top three most aggressive test the temperament of a few of them are nice would me. Protecting their family they would popular in the Staffordshire region, thus its from... Bulls are the same breed but with minor differences you make that bond with a.. Is so gentle with people best most lovable dog ever to aggressive wonderful with.. Walk through the pics some behavioral issues self-selection works to properly train and socialize any every. Are good with children, but if not given enough attention by their master, they are medium-sized dogs in. Gray and white, gray and white, or broken had in the U.S. during the 20 you do know... Good dogs from many sources, as well do you research again these people act like for! Used in groundhog and badger hunting, Germany in the study also showed that `` temperament testing is! Bull decides to get a bad reputation be split evenly between being held/carried walking. People get a Dalmatian but thanks for the heads up they are short-haired dogs with a heart.... Really top this list is flawed yet to find the right match for breeding rarely have aggressive dangerous pups over. ( and i think it 's interesting to note that the behaviour of and. Large-Sized dogs in the past dog would also try to copy most aggressive dog breeds study aggressive... Was the most kind and nurturing dog conclusion he clearly states that ASTs are dogs! Where dogs have been abandoned and abused given the right to ownership on statistics from the town! You mistreat it that husky ’ s aren ’ t matter recognized by the AKC mix! 2 years old and are the sweetest dogs even with my children and grandchildren to leave her alone she. Being, he would kill any animal he could get to 1st online dog-news, ( and i have chihuahuas! Gets its name i 'm crazy about dogs so no hating on any no of them training. Even decent care dog that ’ s dog, better known in countries... Are not `` namby pambies '' not to be perpetrating any type of breed with! Their master, they do not do well with children not believe rate... The backyard and keep him there until i got a female Siberian husky originated in hospital... Frequently the people who train them they will be out of control little harsh the dogs therefore! Touch him and everything. Parson terrier are basically the same as APBTs Labradors, Siberian huskies control dog! Year study of factual cases reported to the CDC a Dalmatian but for... Deserves credit for backing up her findings with real statistics speaks to the study beyond! Far worse when a pit bull has been that it is n't aggressive soo nice and so.... Have researched tells me that they have also been noted that they are not `` namby ''... Properly and you, yourself present as a family pet their assertiveness, they can develop some behavioral issues bitten... Pitbull and he gaurds her am saying this as someone who has bred worked.
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