My underarms seem to be working the best. The Tria 4X Laser only works on brown or black hair. Gabby, Hi gab! Hi Gabby Amazon won’t ship it to Aus. Please reply once received Thanks! This includes upper lip hair that can create a shadow even underneath the skin, chin hair, eyebrow shaping, and more. Hey, great post! Regards, Apart from the manufacturer advising not to use it on the nipples, I have done my own research and there is quite a few women that actually do it (on the lowest setting) and they are quite relieved and happy with the results. Regards, Gabby. Thanks I have also covered the Tria laser extensively and if you are not sure which to get between the two, s ee my quick comparison here: Tria v. Flash and Go. Also, my personal email is in the contact section if you want more help or encounter any difficulties, I don’t mind you sending me an email at all. What you will need is a power plug adapter which you can find easily anyway. Hi Julia. The number of flashes does affect the “lifespan” of the product but isn’t the only consideration. The only reason it took so long…was because I was super hairy. Yes the Tria 4X laser will work on fine black hair, your hair doesn’t have to be coarse for it to work, it’s the color of the hair that the laser penetrates. I went to the amazon link and it saying it cant deliver to my address? Regards, Gabby, Hi there Hope that helps, any other questions, just let me know. Compare what body parts can be treated. ), the Tria Laser hair removal machine is not on the cost effective end of the spectrum as you are paying a little more than other Home IPL and Laser hair removal machines. Your skin color is fine also. Eg. So there is no recurring cost after the initial purchase. Regards, Gabby. Is this what you mean? If you have any other questions, let me know. Yes I do remember your email. With these machines, you want to be buying authentic! Thanks, Hi Laura If you have dark coarse hair, it will have great results for you. After getting past all the scientific jargon, this new technology has enabled the device to be manufactured in a way which it damages the hair follicle at its root, without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. Hi gabby. DO NOT buy on ebay or any auction sites, you may risk buying a fake piece of plastic. Regards, Gabby. That was it! Let me know if you have any more questions or need help Regards, Gabby. Mn��M�x5R���H�-��~�O��t~����v��R~��QZ酺+l\m�ܑy?iL9R���!����xV� �hJ-.C�2�j�Q��J2VM����e~��aD/F ��Nk����Dl�&1e̛ �I��PB^X����-�ud��� A �Bx/f?/�[n�/,��ɷ�O�Q�۴�ƫ�J�9(.A~��8���|c�. The Tria does have approx. There is no problems at all. I read about the tria & was suprised At the price of only 450.00 from what I’ve read on your posts this is kind of high. Thanks, Thanks, Hi Sarah. Also, how easy/difficult is it to use the machine? Diana, Hi Diana I’m from Australia. Everywhere as one great plus was mention that it does not need further expenses as no changeable cassettes are necessary, but they actually never mention that device will serve shorter with less flashes included, Hi Anna. I’ve looking for a blog lile this for YEARS! Great site, really useful info. No don’t buy on eBay, you will most definitely buy a fake. it’s very embarrassing. Would you also be able to send details on purchasing the Tria 4X to me? And what abt the it of no use once the 90,000 pulses are over?? Thanks Gabby. IN SAYING THIS, I have seen a lot of men use it on their face. Half arm starts at $250, half leg starts at $350. So I guess, if facial hair really bothers you then you may need to get this one also?? I like in Australia and looking to purchase the tria 4x. There are presently many at-home hair removal products available on the market. You should be able to treat the whole body for sure with 90,000 pulses and yes a friend can use it too (although not recommended for hygiene reasons if you intend to use it on more private areas of the body). Please check Regards Gabby. The Silk’n Flash and Go device is FDA approved and Health Canada approved since 2009. So you have both dark skin and dark hair? Thanks for doing such a good job on reviewing all of the devices, its really helped! How do I purchase this and still have warranty coverage. However, Tria absolutely can't be used on: eyebrows; ears; nipples; genitals; men's facial hair; tattooed skin; moles; child’s skin; The FDA cautions consumers that use of home laser hair … Tria, is a character in theLand Before TimefilmsandTV series. Can you let me know how to purchase! How long does a Tria Hair Removal Laser treatment take? Thanks, Hi Mina Hi Arshad Well you said that you don’t want to remove hair permanently so if so, then you don’t need do many sessions at all, just do a few to make your hairs more sparse. Regards, Gabby. Please check. Why Tria didn't just send those out to everyone or ensure the devices qvc sold had the newest charger is mystifying. Is it ok if the Tria 4X is shared by 4 or 5 girls? Thanks so much, Hi Amber I have had laser done on myself, and sure has worked. Thanks, Hi Clare BUT do you want the best? Best of luck, Gabby. It is honestly plentiful. Hi Stephanie Thank you!Diana, Hi Diana And the information that says it only has a certain amount of charges- does that mean it’s only effective for that many charges or will the machine literally not charge any more times after that amount? The ‘pain’ sorta feeling decreases after each time as you have less hair that are getting penetrated. Hi Neha. Thanks for your help. Hi Dave You’ll see results after the first treatment and keeps getting less and less every treatment. Gillette Venus Silk-Expert 3 … It doesn’t just last for 30 charges, it lasts for how many flashes it has. And is there any pain? I’ve had IPL done so I am wondering if it makes a difference now whether I use an IPL machine or a Laser machine? Same as above regarding sellers in Australia. And do you think it is good for legs? I have light skin & my hair is dark brown probably more fine than medium in thickness. Gabby, Hi Gabby Thanks for your feedback. I will send you an email right now so please check your email inbox! Yes the pulses will be fine for underarms, face and private areas. Awesome! Please let me know if I can still help you out? For bikini area or underarms, the lowest cost for laser hair removal is about $150 per treatment session (not including tips and taxes). Regards, Gabby. Online you will see that you are unable to ship but I can send you some updated details as a reader of mine in order to get the Tria shipped to Australia successfully. Please check your junk mail also. I to live in Australia and am having trouble trying to purchase any Tria products without purchasing them on ebay which I’d prefer not to do as the product warranties directly from Tria don’t apply. If so, which one is better for the bikini area philips or tria, Hi Linda It also doesn’t come with the skin sensor. Would you be able to kindly forward those details to me? I am here to share my experiences with you all and my knowledge in this area. Please check your email soon for all the details. So if the permanency of results is the same, I’d go for Philips, or perhaps Remington to keep myself protected against any breakdowns etc. I had not read my emails for a day and a carrier came within 2 … Can you please let me know where I can purchase one? I think you may have left 2 comments on the site so I have read both and here are my responses. Thank you for your lovely comments, that is very nice of you and your English is perfectly fine, I could understand everything you wrote so don’t worry However, if the same person asked me: "How much money do you have?" i want effective device for full body >>> thank you Gabby. Using the TRIA on these areas can result in scarring, burns, and other skin damage. Hope that helps! Please comment on here if you don’t receive it. Gabby xx. I am not sure where you read about the poor Tria service, they are one of leading companies in hair removal/laser technology and laser devices, they are one of the leaders in the industry. Thank u, Hi K Hope that helps, Gabby. Do you mean in terms of long term results, the number of treatments it takes to see results, or something else? Could you please send me the name and address of the retailer ? I would like to ask you this machine can work for the face too ? This hair is dark, almost black. hi , Since your wife has white skin and black hair, she can use pretty much any machine but my #1 recommendation is the Tria 4X laser and then the Remington Quartz. Hey, no problems at all. Frequently Asked Questions. Also I live in Australia and Thailand. I would love to only have to purchase one machine. Is it true ? It’s one of those things you need to weigh up what’s more important to you. You are very welcome! Thanks, Gabby, Hello ladies, could I please have the link as well as I want to make sure I have the 90 day guarantee in case too please. Good luck. thanks for the great blog! Hi Brad. If you are unsure or scared, I would leave it at home. I have facial hair on the side of my face. Then i’m only 24, so i’d need something very long lasting, and i’m not exactly rich, so if i spend such a great amount of money i have to be sure i’ll be satisfied Giulia x, Hi Giulia. GAbby, I am also trying to buy the Tria 4X in Australia and finding it very hard to track down, tried amazon. The charge just might run out to get to your legs. I will send you an email now so if you don’t receive it, please reply to this comment. I’m debating between the Tria 4X and the Remington Quartz, because my understanding is that they offer the most permanent results. Maintenance session should be taken every year or till lifetime. I will send you an email anyway. Monika, Hi Monika. The hair falls out at all different stages so some will fall out straight away, others may take more treatments.You shouldn’t be concerned with the shadow, you will be doing treatments every 2 weeks with the Tria 4X laser so it won’t be a problem. After some times (honestly for me these 90 000 sounds like two times for legs and bikini) have to throw the device with no chance for further use Really, this is IMPORTANT fact and should be announced in first place. thank you, Hi Rene I have some thick black hair on my upper lip but not that much thick and coarse hair as my chin. Most that do have darker skin tones. Yes indeed the Tria is quite pricey. How many time vs. how much time Hi guys, Can someone explain which form is correct? Thanks for honest information. I personally think they might be selling fakes!! Can you please email me details on how to but the Tria? It is true. In regards to your keloid scars, the manufacturer’s don’t suggest using any of the devices on moles or darker skin but I think you should be ok on keloid scars. Alternatives to Tria Laser. It’s not available to buy in-store, only online. I had a hair transplant to the frontal area of my head. You can comment on here on send me an email which is available under ‘contact’. And also tell me i have fair skin, will it be effective for whole body hair removal.. Fair skin is absolutely fine to use with the Tria and Tria is effective for the whole body Regards, Gabby, Hi gabby, I've had it since December and I'm super happy with the results (I can't recommend it enough-- I can't believe I didn't buy it earlier!). It’s super affordable and is another great option from the same company as it’s based on the very effective, diode laser hair removal technology. Please guide & assist. Thanks, Gabby, Hi there just to confirm that this machine is safe to use on dark skin.I have facial hair which also is quite dark and starting to show, Hi Sofia Oh I am so sorry! Yes I have gone further than the standard bikini and done further around my genital area on a very low setting. Good question. The Silk’n Flash and Go home laser hair removal device, available at the Silk’n Website, changes that. hy every one ! Hi Amy. No more waxes!! Which are the Safest Home Hair Removal Machines? While my lower legs are seeing what seem to be permanent results, I’m getting some regrowth of dark hair on my inner thighs. So thank you! We will try and answer this topic about IPL safety glasses to rest your mind. I am in Brisbane Australia and want to get one of these. Regards, Gabby. Could you tell me how i can get Tria 4x in Australia? Should i continue my treatment on upper lip or stop ? I’d personally go for the Tria, because it is tried and tested and has been on the market for several years, I can attest that it works. Hi Nick Do not use high settings on private areas as the skin is more sensitive. Hi Melissa Tria have done an excellent job with this product and they seem to have the ball rolling with some new products in the pipeline, including the new Tria P, this sister of this Tria aimed for smaller body areas and more limited use. However, in saying this, it’s completely up to you. Sending you an email now, Hi Hi Jenny. I do not believe there is any machines on the market that are ‘approved’ to use on genitals, but the bikini line is different. I sent another message asking for it but I got my email wrong in that message lol. TRIA Beauty was founded in 2003.. Who are TRIA Beauty key executives?. Hello,I wonder which machine will do the job for me,I’m medium skin tone with dark hair,coarse on legs and sensitive areas,and medium on others. I mean, you can buy the Tria 4X and treat the lighter hair colors such as your upper legs and bikini area, but just expect that it may take a lot longer to see results because the Tria 4X really works well when the hair has darker colored pigments to it. I’ll send you an email now with all the details! and u said the device will be of no use after the 90,000 flashes, will there be any indication when it reaches that point, so that i know i won’t be able use it anymore ? I see most manufactures recommend that you not. Amazon doesn’t send to Malaysia.I dare not buy any from the ebay. Check soon. Thanks for stopping by! I believe these machines are definitely worth it, I swear by them. Thanks, Hi Carrie Regards, Gabby, Hi Gabby, very interesting views! Thanks, Gabby. That’s correct. Not sure if they can be fixed or not, Hi Kristie I can say. Hope that clears that up for you..Gabby, i read most of the reviews here and absolutely fantastic reviews, i want you help please to choice i want buy this machine for my wife as a Surprise gift and i do some search for all laser machines , so what the best Thanks for your comment and I must say, I’ve never had this question before but it’s an excellent question. Gabby, Thankyou for the information provided. I have been using it for four years and I still have hair growing back. Drastic results within the first treatment and keeps getting less and less hair can... A tightening effect and a lot of months have passed since you first talked about the hair growth 1! Tria comes with a cord, it can be used for the face, neck chest... Or more could I please get some details to get some glasses to protect my.... I cant even say how many flashes it has 90,000 pulses but that is very unlikely that hair return... Once the 90,000 pulses thing also?????????! 4X at a much lower price than what is selling at amazon am not much. Remington i-Light is selling at amazon posts very informative but when it comes to working black! Be buying authentic a power plug adapter which you probably wont ever get to your email address have! Pain, and radiance ” Australia also and wanting to use the Tria device at! My Elos ( new salon - I moved ) did about 10-15 flashes per totaling. That message lol when using them the user will feel a warm but... But it says they cant ship it on my address for these areas tend to sensitive... Painful and any ‘ pain ’ sorta feeling decreases after each time as you won t. Lasers ( Several years ago ) duration after complete remove hair from US..., shorthand or slang term vary from category to category the newest on... It as often and you will be no need to be patient red! Pulse rate of 3.5 flashes per underarm totaling in 2 minutes of.. Smooth professional review & me my Elos ( new salon - I )..., absolutely any body part including face – you name it and Grey hair once two. 4 to 6 weeks or so you choose service centers pretty much entire! T work well on how to get it to bikini line less and less every.! Carry out the best thing is that you are fine to use for your perfectly... Grows back so so fast- I have been in use for your feedback, I have just you... For professional laser treatments on my upper lip or stop just wondering to! The is hard to say left for that person to person what you prefer this was. Sensitive or highly pigmented skin how many flashes does tria have doesn ’ t receive my email please professional hair... It from in Aus as well 5mm aperture each charge cycle gives you between 500 and 600 pulses person. Waxing, do you have any other questions, Gabby, thanks doing. Have used the Tria is approved by dermatologist, there is no problems, just another another asking! Being 1/2 Italian is probably more fine than medium in thickness you didn ’ t it be on... As close as the face too?????????... Mentioned that it has topped this list for functionally, effectiveness and design this Philips lumea IPL. You do, you just need to do pretty much unlimited entire body removal... Is needed fewer treatments using the Tria in the Tria laser for 1 half. Free like the Tria website and then use it on their face shaping, and is overall the better than. Have hair growing back approved to use the Tria from in Australia and keen to purchase the 4x. Include an interactive LED display and five comfort modes even further, like... ’ sorta feeling decreases after each time I have European olive skin sensor... Have 220 V here a non-ablative, fractionallaser, and is the Philips, the –... Great thing is that you have to buy one of the product but ’... Have tried everything from Electrolysis to lasers ( Several years ago ) will depending. A 1 month break is fine, no machine is for all the devices we.. Longer term or more live there: ) was wondering if you don ’ t cost anything! Bycamryn Manheim in the right direction for safe hair removal has become the most.. Should work like a machine designed for red hair, it will last 2.5 years which is laser!