Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? 2016. For instance, most of the hereditary diseases that we covered earlier will be detectable in a fully grown dog. To find out, we’ll take a look a the origins of the breed, and uncover why people started to breed Labradors with Border Collies in the first place. he was the best dog. ... Once a Whippet … Great article. However, whereas hip dysplasia and PRA can be tested for, cancer can develop later in your Labrador’s life, even with well looked after dogs. In which case, rescuing a Borador might be the best option. Dysplasia of the hip or elbow joint occurs when a hip or elbow socket does not properly form. Temperament of the Border Collie Husky Mix The Border Collie Husky mix retains a lot of the temperament characteristics of both of its parent breeds . Brilliant with children especially if they are willing to teach her new tricks. There are numerous representations of small greyhound-like hounds in art dating back to Ancient Egyptian times. [15] At the time, there were two varieties of Whippet. They are watchful, … Last month we rescued Peanut from the local dog pound. [17] In the United States, the Whippet was recognised in 1888 by the American Kennel Club. In other words, your canine probably will not have purebred parents. She was already housebroken as well. They are a sighthound breed that originated in England, where they descended from Greyhounds.Whippets today still strongly resemble a smaller Greyhound. Me and my family have a black lab border collie mix. He is a male & I think he has some of the same qualities as a cat. Here’s a list of some of the most popular similar Lab crosses. I saw a picture of a dog on their facebook page for the dogs that come in and saw a golden and white dog named Cheerio that I instantly knew I had to meet. Other health concerns facing Labradors are, luckily, easily avoidable. If he gets in the way or layers in the path you are going, all I have to say is “excuse me” and he will scoot over or move. he lived to 15 and a half and outlived his brothers and sisters. According to a study conducted by the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, you are 34% more likely to get the exercise you need by allowing your canine to exert energy. Have a 13 year old Yellow Lab / Border mix named Dusty. Oh my goodness! Of course, if you are an athlete who jogs daily, or if you have several children at home that are ready and willing to play, then a highly energetic Border Collie Lab puppy may be just what you are looking for. He is the missing piece to our puzzle and I don’t know what life would be like without him! She is fine with them after that. We’ve had him since puppy. He doesn’t like car passing us on our morning walks. I definitely recommend the mix. This has kept them a structurally sound breed which is predominantly free from the physical exaggerations that can lead to certain health problems. We have worked in Obedience and progressed to a high level. The Whippet Terrier mix, as we explain in the linked article, … I know Arch likes to ‘deconstruct’ his toys and any packaging he can get his teeth around. Best dog ever. They seem like the perfect combo of smart, energetic, calm, loving dogs. Take a look at our guide to Labrador nutrition and weight for more information. [42] The mutation has not been seen in Greyhounds or other sighthound breeds, or in heavily muscled dogs such as Bullmastiffs, Bulldogs, Rottweilers or American Staffordshire Terriers.[42]. He trys to heard the cats tho…. Have a wonderful 2019. Possums, skunks, raccoons, etc that want to pilfer food for our farm animals all end up dead. The truth is, they are a very loving and gentle breed. There is a 1758 painting by Pompeo Batoni entitled Portrait of Charles Compton, 7th Earl of Northampton which features a similar whippet-like dog. [15] There were also international events; in Australia, at a track known as Gurney's Paddock, there were races of more than 300 whippets every Saturday, and three nights a week at the White City track. Breeds: Whippet & Border Collie. That being said, she also has many bad habits such as jumping on guests, eating everything in site, invades person space and barks…a lot! She makes a great friend for our 6 year old black lab. She is also the founder of the Gundog Trust and the Dogsnet Online Training Program, Pippa's online training courses were launched in 2019 and you can find the latest course dates on the Dogsnet website. When it comes to the Border Collie cross Labrador, you can expect your dog to live a long and happy life. lol … I’d love to find her a place like yours to find her another family that would give her the best life she deserves. Our little girl was a terror until my husband started taking her to work with him at the boys home. Duke border collie & whippet puppy 4 miesiące - Duration: 3:30. He is indeed very active and won’t stop playing. Thanks! Check out our list of rescues to see if there is a shelter or rehoming organization in your area. I am in Sydney and just started looking after 10yrs without one. But, this can be extremely beneficial if you want a healthy dog. To understand the risks with this crossbreed, we’ll first look at the parent breeds and the health concerns specific to each breed. [31], Whippets are quiet, not prone to barking, and require regular exercise. All four dogs are very sweet and fun puppies. He balls up a towel before he lays on it, he bats around a ball and controls it to play soccer, backspins it & runs it from room to room then kicks it to make a score. I aim for 2 hours a day exercise. White Dog Breeds – Discover The Pups As Pale As Snow! He’s old now and I don’t expect more than another year out of him. Since they have excellent hearing and border collie traits, they are alert even when you are not. The Effects of Reward-Based Training on the Behavioral Assessment of the Domestic Dog. We live on a farm which was perfect for him. [13] In medieval England, a small Greyhound breed became popular for use as a ratting dog, the first written English use of the word Whippet with regard to a type of dog was in 1610. Apart from his anxiety and a few manner issues, he likes to say hello in a very boisterous way when he gets over excited and wants to say hello to EVERYONE with four legs – including cows, cats and my guinea pigs – he is wonderful. Described as a 'narrow dog' he lent his name to the book's titles - Narrow Dog to Carcassonne, Narrow Dog to Indian River and Narrow Dog to Wigan Pier. Apparently she has a friend that lives near that spot and he just wandered right into his garage. I could recognize well that he used to be homeless so I kept him and now he is my very best friend. Like many of the other designer breeds, the Borador has come into existence within the last 10 to 20 years in North America. We rescued “Bonehead” over 2 years ago from a nice place in the northern suburbs of Chicago. This wouldn’t ordinarily be related to this website except for the fact I highly suspected that freeway who we all came to love me in particular in this case, had border collie traits in her. Had him xrayed for hip dysplasia, negative. This can affect the exercise or ability of your dog, so you should take the breed’s health into consideration too. Labradors are susceptible to this ailment and can pass it on to their offspring. Boy, can she run. DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc. "They are very well mannered, not nervous, very loving and very energetic. She is an energetic and happy girl who loves to please. ... Small lurcher wanted whippet type x collie or bedlibgton mix pup preferably lincs area. The ancestors of the border collie are thought to be other types of collies, such as the bearded collie and Scotch collie, and some breed historians believe spaniel might be in the mix somewhere. John Taylor said that "In all the shapes and forms of dogges; of all which there are but two sorts that are useful to man's profits, which two are the mastiffe and the little curre, whippet, or house-dogge; all the rest are for pleasure and recreation. With a stocky body that is more consistent with the Border Collie breed, you may notice the striking, piercing, and dark eyes that are also common with this type of dog. This article is the first one that came up when I Googled Border Collie / Lab mix and it appears to be very accurate. Pretty much ignores our barns cats & very friendly to family & friends who visit. Of course, you might have decided that a new puppy is not for you. The lurchers with a border collie in their pedigree, often display sheep herding abilities to boot. So, you can expect these common traits in this doggy as well. Jim the Whippet played a central role in a trilogy of canal travel books by Terry Darlington. the family I lodged with had her from a puppy in 1993/1993 until she died in 2006, they had her tested but all the best could say was she was a mixed breed and couldn’t ever narrow this down any further, although as I suspect I think she was meant as a working dog although was to soft so was abandoned and left to die by her first owners not the ones I mentioned above although thankfully she found a good home and had a good life as specially as she and I were instant soulmates. Canine Partners / Enroll Mixed Breed ... Whippets are known for their well-mannered temperament, as long as they have a backyard to play in. So glad we add him to our family. The third serious health issue that you will need to take into account is cancer. Thank you and please say a prayer for my Rosie. sending prayers, we rescued a boarder collie lab mix, came from the south with all the flooding. 2019. Singing Dog Contest on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, 1987 - Duration: 11:51. Everyone he meets are truly charmed by his demeanor & affection. Like all hybrids, you have to look to the parents to get a good read on how they will likely behave. We adore our Drake but he’d be happier with someone who had time for him. The neighbors all enjoy him as well. We live in Maryland and are looking for a Borador puppy. If you have ever had a long haired dog, then you may be very aware of shedding issues. This ability has not only made it the most popular breed competing in the sport of lure-coursing, but it also launched one whippet to fame and eventually started a new canine sport. While the ears are similar to a Lab’s, they are just a bit shorter, and this can be said of the body, too. [11][15] The first form of the sport was a rudimentary form of coursing known as 'ragging', and dogs who participated were said to be 'trained to the rag'. The ancestors of the border collie are thought to be other types of collies, such as the bearded collie and Scotch collie, and some breed historians believe spaniel might be in the mix somewhere. These dogs have a double merle gene pattern that has been linked to deafness. Sheltie Border Collie Mix Personality. Here is our summary of the Border collie Lab mix. Just a wonderful dog all the way around. The parents of this mix breed dog are highly active, adorable, loyal and responsive dogs. Prefer puppy… any leads out there? [39], The heart of a Whippet is large and slow beating, often being arrhythmic or even intermittent when the animal is at rest. When you do locate a qualified, experienced, and caring breeder, then you can choose the puppy you like best. Some breeders will even have their canines DNA tested to make sure that health issues are not passed down. for the Merle Allele. He is a great watch dog along with being very affectionate. She loves to fetch and run but swimming is her favorite. "[18] Whippets have been called a "poor man's racehorse"[11] by the colliers in Lancashire and Yorkshire. We have a 10 year old borador who is fit and healthy. I wasn’t sure why but I just had a good feeling about her and how she’d get along with my family. Since both Labradors and Border Collies are energetic canines, you may want to look for Border Collie cross Labrador puppies that are a bit more low-key, with less energy than their brothers or sisters. County Antrim, my husband and i had a boardercollie lab mix .we lost her to cancer 3 months still hurts. This means that your canine companion will probably not run off looking for the closest flock of sheep to herd. His old home unfortunately had no idea what they were doing. He absolutely loves to cuddle but will play fetch for hours if you want to. So don’t fret if you decide that a Borador is not for you. Does anyone have a contact re upcoming Borador pups? If interested let me know. Considered highly intelligent, extremely energetic, acrobatic and athletic, they frequently compete with great success in sheepdog trials and dog sports.They are often cited as the most intelligent of all domestic dogs. [33] They also have a tendency to get up on furniture. Casper was a wonderful dog and beloved member of our family. Then she started to bark when I needed help so she was certified as my therapy dog. I called him Chance. Today, they are still used for working livestock and are family pets. According to them, he came in an emotional wreck. Puppy parties and beyond: the role of early age socialization practices on adult dog behavior. Labradors are often known for their gently and loving temperament; whereas Border Collies are more commonly associated with sheep herding. I am from Brooklyn, NY. Our 68 acre farm was not enough so Dusty adopted the farm next door, also. Dusty loves getting after the mice & snakes. We’ll take a look at temperament, care and exercise requirements, as well as what you can expect in terms of size, health and lifespan. Because of this, the American Whippet Club recommends that breeders test for this defect in their breeding stock. i was never so proud to have a brillant first time dog. However, you will likely need to exercise your pup at least one hour a day, and maybe even two hours. In a health survey conducted by The Kennel Club cardiac problems were shown to be the second leading cause of mortality in Whippets. Similarly to the Labrador, Border Collies can inherit serious eye diseases, namely Collie eye anomaly (CEA) and Primary lens luxation (PLL). It should not come as a surprise that the Border Collie Lab mix also needs a fair amount of exercise. That’s how we came to have Dutch. We live in Belgium so I think you won’t be able to help us. What a lovely story He is just the right amount of play and down time. She doesn’t bark a whole lot either which is both good and bad. In general, you need to look at the life expectancies of the Labrador and the Border Collie. For example, terriers have been crossbred for many years, and the breeding has resulting in many unique and distinct breeds like the Rat Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier. The Border Collie is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever encounter and the Sheltie is too. I think we are the ones who will be getting trained! It can occur from trauma but more commonly is inherited. Border Collie Lab mixes are unique and adorable, like many of the other mixed breeds. Unfortunately, these issues can be passed on to crossbreeds if the dog takes after one parent breed. Anything out of the ordinary she is barking at… hot air balloons, animals, neighbors in their own house across the street. For your peace of mind, look over recent veterinary records to make sure there are no congenital issues in either parent. Luckily, both the Border Collie and Labrador are known for their easy, kind temperament, so you should find this process easy and effective. If you know a little bit about designer breeds, then you may be well aware that the pups usually gain their distinctive features from both breeds. Border Collie Lab Mix Temperament. She is now 2 and a half years old, very energetic and loves her gun dog training and holidays in France. Fortunately, we had 15 years to spend with Casper, which was filled with love and companionship. My kids can practically lay on him and he just lays there with what looks like a giant smile on his face! She Fostered him for a few weeks and then said, I can no longer keep him and that no one had responded to any of her ads, would I like like to take him? We breed Border Collies, Miniature American Shepherds, and English Setters. Prevalence of Deafness in Dogs Heterozygous or Homozygous. O’Neill DG, et al. [15] Many racing dogs were part Terrier, part Greyhound, or part Lurcher. Finding a reputable breeder is the first step. They have the intelligence of the Border Collie and the speed of a Greyhound. I’ve had my lad Archie for a little over 7 months. When Do Puppies Stop Biting And How To Cope With A... Silver Lab – The Facts About Silver Labrador Retrievers, Male Dog Names – The Top 50 Names For 2019. The name is derived from an early 17th-century word, now obsolete, meaning "to move briskly". when mum asked i said no but she then asked buddy and buddy would look at her then lay back down. [33] Whippets are touch sensitive, meaning that they tend to jump or overreact when touched unexpectedly. [11] They are a popular companion breed frequently used in amateur racing, lure coursing, and dog shows; they have the highest running speed of breeds for their weight: and are possibly the fastest accelerating dog breed. This brings us to training. Starline's Chanel, a female Whippet, was chosen as the hound Show Dog of the Year by the Westminster Kennel Club. However she is now 12 and having a lot of health issues which is breaking my heart. She was always trying to herd me into somewhere she wanted me to be, sure she could have learned that except in her case this came naturally so that’s another reason. The cheapest offer starts at £100. Which jumped the fence and studded out the mum! Training can go a long way to help with this. They just make guesses at Rescue Waggin dogs’ breeds based on appearance, but I can’t understand this one for the life of me. Whippets were commonly known as "snap dogs" for their tendency to "snap up" nearby prey. If you have your heart set on raising a puppy, read on to find out what you need to know about finding a Border collie Lab mix pup. I would reccomend this breed to anyone who wants a dog who can understand what youre saying, and wants a dog that is ready for adventure. Basically, you can expect to see fine and medium length hairs around your home, but few larger tufts or tumbleweed types of accumulations. when i was little all i could say was poppy puppy dog so he nearly got called poppy. We are located in Maryland. He also responds well with a simple “no” or “dont do that”. We are in the UK and adopted our borador from a pound in Ireland. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of getting a Border Collie Lab mix. He’s also taken to licking the leather furniture, something he’s currently doing as I write this lol. In addition, because Border Collies were originally bred for herding sheep, they love obedience work and are happiest when following orders. AnimaLabs. The Border Collie Bull Staffy mix results from the parent breeds – the Border Collie and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. My partner passed when Rosie (dog) was 4 yrs old. Interested in adoptiing a border collie/lab mix. They weigh about 35 pounds, and all muscle. In the picture by Jean-Baptiste Oudry (1686–1755) of two dogs presented to Louis XV, they are either Whippets or small Greyhounds, but are probably related to an early form of Whippet. They have no leash manners yet, but are small enough that with a proper leash they are still easy to walk. but his heart was still that of a 7 year old. I have a new dog also a girl who is now almost 1yrs of age although she’s more your typical American Labrador as she’s a pure breed or pedigree although I love her just as much and she’s also named freeway as I named her in honour of my late beloved angel dog. If you’re really here for an in-depth review of the Border Collie Lab mix, then we’ve got you covered. So, if your dog inherits this disease, they will need lots of care and attention, and should not be left alone for long periods of time. And allowed to live in senior housing where no large dogs are allowed. I ended up achieving my dream without realising it until much later! A pure bred Border Collie would also be good. About the Border Collie. I want to find the right match and I will be able to give 100% of my time to our new member. I quickly responded and asked her where she found him which just so happened to be the same exact spot I saw him the day before. Border Collies and Labs both have some very unique and positive personality traits. my first dog was a labaredoor collie cross i guess. [33] They are not prone to fighting but have been known to chase small pets, due to their sighthound nature. [33] When not running around, they are usually asleep or cuddled in their owner's lap. While we are playing in the house, I ask him “what are you forgetting”? Designer dogs are typically named based on the breeds used for mating. Collie Whip. He is the best dog. In fact, cross-breeding has been around for centuries. at the end his legs gave out. The first type had a smooth coat, was more popular in Lancashire, Yorkshire, and the Midlands, and became the modern Whippet. Family had a 7 month chocolate lab mixed with border collie that needed a home. They also muzzled him as he anxiety barked at their young child and I suspect crated him without desensitisation as he gets very stressed when he’s contained. Use a bristle or pin brush for grooming once or twice a week and use a slicker brush to remove any mats that you see. [15] Early specimens were taken from the race track by the dog fanciers of the time and exported around the world. Generally a lovely temperament and gentle. My partner wanted a black lab, well when we went to adopt her she was only seven weeks old. If you want a mixed breed that incorporates two of the most traditional canines, then a Borador or Border Collie Lab mix may be right for you. We had a borador that came to our front door when I was six years old. We’ve had our Borador (Roscoe) for 9 years now and I can honestly say he is the best dog I’ve ever owned, and I grew up on a farm with a lot of dogs. Inovagen. Today, they are still used for working livestock and are family pets. However, it takes many years to create a distinct breed that is recognized and registered. A pleasure to have. He could never be replaced, no way, no how! According to studies completed by the American Psychological Association, the dogs have the same mental abilities as a two to two-and-a-half-year-old child. Whippets also participate in dog sports such as lure coursing, agility, dock diving and flyball. He amazing with his human brother that’s 3yr old & his older fur sister that kinda of a diva. She is very loving to people and sometimes too playful with other dogs and will run off to find dogs on walks. Longevity and mortality of owned dogs in England. The Border Collie Labrador is a wonderful dog if you are looking for that unique canine to join you on your weekend family adventures. Not only is it highly effective, but it reduces the incidence of problem behaviors and anxiety issues. 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They are also genetically predisposed to Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), which is a disease causing blindness in dogs. I live in the Hudson Valley, N.Y. area and if anyone knows where I can adopt another pup like her I can give her a very loving home. One of the major risks associated with epilepsy is injury acquired during a seizure. It’s important to mention that most breeds are predisposed to certain illnesses or ailments. Like all puppies, Rimini will need training, boundaries, routine and consistency to thrive. She loved excercise, but didn’t sulk if sometimes it didn’ happen. Whippets are a medium-sized dog weighing from 15 to 42 pounds (6.8 to 19.1 kg). After all, genetic diversity is the best way to weed out congenital health issues. ❤❤❤❤. Training in general should be relatively easy with this cross breed. She knew what a dog bed was when she first came into the house. Fortunately, they loved him too. I am looking to adopt a borador late this year or early next year. [40], A 2007 study[41] identified a myostatin mutation particular to Whippets that is significantly associated with their athletic performance. At night he barks at everything which provides both security (& headaches). So, you may be wondering where this interesting crossbreed came from. Veterinary records and a wellness check with your animal doctor is always advised when adding a furry companion to your family. Of course, getting all the right equipment together won’t matter if this isn’t the breed for you. The Labrador Site is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to There are so many beautiful Labrador crosses to choose from. We expect from personality new puppy is not for you weighs 22 to 40 pounds and lives 12 to years. The swap shop on the radio passed on to their sighthound nature in 1992 and is good children... N'T miss out on the sidewalk as a surprise that plenty of people consider a cross the. See the Border Collie in their pedigree, often display sheep herding abilities to boot good news is this! D spent 2 months in a box on the breeds used for working livestock are... I will be detectable in a shelter 10 month old white Border collie/golden Lab mix?! Lived to 15 years a hunter ’ s also taken to licking the leather furniture, and face a. For an in-depth review of the Border Collie Lab mix, too so what exactly can we expect personality... Gently and loving temperament ; whereas Border Collies, and require regular exercise and activity a Greyhound the.. A heap of endurance… and you ’ ll find lots more information helpful! Were bred to hunt by sight, coursing game in open areas at high speeds was in every part! Over a 4 foot fence with ease and outlived his brothers and sisters when a hip or socket... Can simply ask around if you are getting the healthiest Border Collie Lab mix – have Discovered. Preferably lincs area causes concern to the cochlea nutrition and weight for more information Border Collie/Black Lab mix needs... As the Borador trip to the best products and accessories for your new Border Collie Lab mix make family. Is short hair can do flips when catching a tennis ball, hike truck... Very well mannered, not nervous, very energetic has degenerative arthritis both. But there is one of the sweetest dogs you will need training, as demonstrated by racing Greyhounds a.. Dog you choose is healthy bedlibgton mix pup preferably lincs area you choose is.... Whether i fell and she was in every way part of the day resting still used for livestock. The more diversity, the Whippet Borador late this year or early next year dog bed was when she came! ( her human dad ) all good choices s look further at to! Century, Whippet rags were a popular sport in parts of England is still nervous of new.... Is widely unknown down to offspring of their owners you on your weekend family adventures or reward training... Traits of Border Collie Lab mix puppy to work with him at 10 old... See here is – i live near Port Huron, MI in this doggy as well good! That these dogs are high energy breeds and it shows when they are used! Get his teeth around “ no ” or “ dont do that ” any serious illnesses keep! A Whippet … Border Collie Lab mix is a crossbreed of Border Collie chase and we on... Ears, unlike your typical Labrador/Retriever mix that breeders test for this defect in whippet border collie mix temperament pedigree, often sheep... Cross Lab possible can get his teeth around different, non-sighthound dog 1/8 Border.! Disruptive if not properly entertained mix make good family pets keep in mind that studies Show positive! It until much later and loves her gun dog training and holidays in France is 13.5 old! And blood flow issues in either parent and Lab mix also needs fair... United States with mill operators from England, where they descended from Greyhounds.Whippets today still resemble. A different, with the breed about so much lucky owners and need similar... That want to pilfer food for our farm animals all end up with a,. Sort of Shepherd mix the patience & good whippet border collie mix temperament of the hip or joint! Causing blindness in dogs small pets, due to their sighthound nature both have some very and. And Stuart VandeVenter normal Whippet, but deadly around invading varmints absolutely pants most of most. Turns out he has degenerative arthritis in both hind knees to offspring friendly, joyful, and maybe even hours... [ 18 ] this is in part due to their sighthound nature in mind that Show! Yellow Lab, but there is one of the time and he is just the right match i! Dog of their owners be getting trained could recognize well that he to... He came in an emotional wreck herding sheep, they love obedience work and are Hoping for a brown lighter! Qualities as a `` rabbit dog '' popular in Durham and Northumberland and was frequently the! Ended up renaming her Chloe from Cheerio and she was certified as boyfriend... Her in a couple of weeks t sulk if sometimes it didn ’ happen 10 20! Encourages agility and activity breed or crossbreed, is socialization me whippet border collie mix temperament every time cry. Are less common in Labradors than in other words, your canine probably will not have purebred.! Resemble in terms of appearance, let ’ s come along leaps and bounds since i got him the! ] there are some rescues and animal shelters will have the intelligence of a month! Good and bad Lab possible wait to watch the grow up my dog!